UI concept for the Global Goals - Life Below Water

What are the global goals?

The Global Goals were formed by world leaders who have come together and decided upon 17 goals that will help better our world by 2030. The specific goal that was chosen for this application is known as “Life Below Water”. Within this goal, there were many targets that the world needed to achieve, in order to complete the goal. One of the targets Seafood Eats aims to assist in, is to “sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems to avoid significant adverse impacts, by strengthening their resilience, and take action for their restoration in order to achieve healthy and productive oceans.”

The Problem

70 percent of our world is cover with oceans, lakes, rivers, and seas, yet daily we often forget how much pressure we place on it. Right now, our oceans are undergoing a major habitat loss. Humans are making it more difficult for our oceans to supply our exponential needs. Since the ocean’s coastal areas are so closely involved with the human population, it suffers more deeply, mainly as a result of manmade environmental degradation. Urban professionals are in need of a way to locate restaurants that serve sustainable seafood because they are unaware of the ecological abuse that producers and consumers are contributing to our waters.

The Solution

Seafood eats is a restaurant locator application that allows urban professionals to distinguish which restaurants serve sustainable seafood. This app will provide its users with the tool they need to make an impact on our ocean, even if it is very small, it can eventually make a huge impact. By giving urban professionals a simple way to eat sustainably, will help impact our oceans greatly!



Visual Desgin


Locate, Eat and Receive

1. Locate a specific restaurant near them that serves sustainable seafood. Once you eat at such restaurant, check in and receive cash back!


2. Take pictures of your restaurant bill and receive cash back rewards that you can spend on your next visit. You are also able to see which ocean your seafood came from, and how it is sustainable.


3. You are able to spend your earned cash at participating restaurants and the money NEVER expires! Participating restaurants will scan your personal QR code to redeem your cash.

Design by Rachel Hisko