Wearables Prototype

The Problem

Traditionally scuba divers are able to take underwater photos with an underwater camera or Go Pro. This methods means they have to go through the process of carrying around heavy equipment and uploading everything on their computer. Scuba divers are in need of a more productive way to capture amazing photography and share it with the world.

The Solution

Ocean360 enhances the scuba divers experience by connecting smart goggles to an application on any android phone. Now they are able to take as many photos as they would like with only one click of a button. The goggles will automatically upload all your images to your gallery within the app, giving them a simple way to capture every underwater moment.



Visual Desgin


Submit to Challenges

1. Ocean360 allows marine conservationist to post underwater photography challenges. Participants of the challenge are allowed to submit one photo that follows the challenges guidelines. Once the challenge expires, the conservationists will deposit the reward into the partakers PayPal account, directly within the application.

Become Apart of a Community

2. Ocean360 allows its users to create a profile and helps them build their online profile to gain them more followers. Users are able to follow other underwater photographers and discover new places for them to travel to. Increasing your followers gain you more access to higher rewarded challenges.

Submit Pictures and Gain Money

3. Ocean360 connects to the scuba divers smart goggles. When taking the photo with your goggles, the application will automatically upload straight to your gallery within the app. Here you will then be able to delete or upload any photo you wish. When submitting photos to challenges, you are eligible to the reward given by the marine conservationists. When you win the challenge they will directly deposit your money straight to your PayPal account within the application. When you are ready to withdraw it, simply click “withdraw now” and it will directly deposit your money into any bank account you wish.

Design by Rachel Hisko