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My role during the duration of this project was the research lead. This role included a lot more then research; I played a part in every aspect of the application. My group and I did a lot of collaborating at the beginning of this project, from preliminary research to empathy maps. After the base research was completed, we tasked each other with different responsibilities to do for each week.

My responsibilities were creating user stories, taking notes during our first presentation, prototyping all the screen in XD, and making many edits and changes after our user testing. The main responsibility was prototyping in XD, which essentially was putting everything together after the basic wireframes were completed. I added the visual design, added real text photo and colors, made sure everything links so it was a functional app, and I triple checked everything followed the IOS guidelines.

The Problem

Parents of first-time post-secondary students are feeling very disconnected from their children. A student’s life can be hard; juggling their school, extracurricular activities, while still keeping constant contact with their parents. This disconnection is putting a lot of stress and emotional strain on both mothers and father.

Student on computer

The Solution

InTouch is an application that has designed a tool to give parents access to any school information they may need about their child. From school schedules to a T4 download, parents will never have to ask their child that type of information again.

Visual Design



1. There are two version of InTouch; the student’s version and the parent’s version. The student’s version is the account that has all of the control; here the students are able to allow access to their parents as they wish. The parent’s version is simply meant for viewing, commenting and adding.


2. InTouch provides a simply verbal and nonverbal communication tool for both the parents and the child. The verbal aspect is allowing both users to comment on calendar events, and the nonverbal aspect of communication provides a viewing of the students schedule, grades and more.

Design by Rachel Hisko