Daily Bailey

Smart Product Prototype

The Problem

Currently, dog owners are living with the concern of not knowing the up-to-date health condition of their best friend. Many people can’t afford to go to a veterinarian more than a couple of times a year. While dogs show signs of discomfort and distress, it is very difficult to know about their internal issues such as diseases or more severe conditions. Dog owners are in need of a way to monitor their dog’s daily activity because their dog is a part of their family and they need to be taken care of.

The Solution

Daily Bailey will allow dog owners access to their dog’s health behaviors. This app will be linked to a dog collar that can monitor the dogs; temperature, pulse, respiration and sleep. It will also give dog owners a simple way to set dates and send emails to their veterinarian about any concerns.



Visual Desgin



1. Daily Bailey allows dog owners to keep a profile of their dog, so they have something to look back on. Dog owners may also see a quick analysis of their dog’s daily health behaviors.

Track Health

2. Dog owners can track their dog’s temperature, pulse, respiration and sleep, so they will know when the right time is, to consult their veterinarian. Dog owners will be notified if there are any abnormal health behaviors.

Consult & Schedule

3. Dog Owners can set reminders and dates for their next vet visit, so they don’t forget. Dog owners may also consult with their veterinarian so they don’t have to constantly pay unnecessary vet bills.

Design by Rachel Hisko