Dailey Bailey

Smart Product Prototype

Daily Bailey is a concept that will assist the lives of dog owners, with a smart dog collar, which connects to you mobile devices.


Wearables Prototype

A wearable prototype concept that is directly connected to the scuba divers goggles. Ocean360 improves the scuba diving experience by ensuring the diver that their photos will never get lost.

Seafood Eats

Global Goals Application

Seafood Eats is an application concept that addresses the Global Goals. It provides it users with the tools they need to help impact our oceans.


Stay Connected

InTouch is an application concept that provides a stress free life for both parents and students. It will be provided to students through their post-secondary school.



Collection of my photography over the past three years. I am very grateful for the opportunities that allowed me to capture such amazing moment in peoples lives.


A few motion pieces that were done during my three years of school. I enjoy animating user interface and making it flow like it would on your phone.